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Galkangu - Bendigo GovHub

The Victorian Government has developed a new GovHub in central Bendigo to create jobs, boost the local economy and revitalise the northern end of the city.

The $133 million project, Galkangu - Bendigo GovHub centralises the delivery of a range of government services currently provided at a number of different locations in and around Bendigo.

The building will accommodate up to 1000 City of Greater Bendigo and Victorian Government workers - creating a one-stop-shop for customers while building a stronger and collaborative public sector presence in Bendigo.

Icon Fairbrother joint venture has delivered the project generating more than 200 new local jobs during construction.

Icon Fairbrother workedclosely with Lyons Architects and Arup Engineering to design and build the multi-use development set to transform the heart of Bendigo.

The project team has collaboratedwith the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation to include Indigenous design elements and language in the architecture, landscaping and spaces.

A major environmentally sustainable design feature is one of Victoria’s largest timber frames, along with efficient indoor air quality systems, solar panels, water and energy monitoring systems.

A civic forecourt on Lyttleton Terrace and a pocket park on Mundy Street connects the GovHub to its surrounds and act as a community meeting point.

Bendigo welcomes Galkangu to Civic Precinct

A façade and name evoking Bendigo’s rich Aboriginal heritage were also been revealed Bendigo GovHub, which will accommodate up to 1000 City of Greater Bendigo and Victorian Government workers.

At a site tour on 10 November 2021,  Premier Daniel Andrews was accompanied by Rodney Carter, CEO, Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation who announced the building name Galkangu  featuring the shield of the Dja Dja Wurrung Traditional Owners on its façade.

Galkangu [pron: gull-kang-goo] means ‘we make things happen together and are more connected to Country.’

“We make things happen together … more connected to Country”

The façade of Galkangu symbolises the values of Respect, Recognition, Reconciliation and Self-determination.

The diamond pattern from the Djaara shield represents the historic Recognition and Settlement Agreement 2013, honour, protection, and identity, creating a sense of responsibility for present and future generations.

The diamond pattern is a common motif of the Dja Dja Wurrung, used to identify each other.

The pattern can be seen on both the giramal (shields) as well as on coolamons and gani (digging sticks).

The layers in the background of the artwork reference the six layers of Country and the six Seasons of Dja Dja Wurrung Country. The background semi-circle pattern represents the People.

The message is that: people need to be in and a part of the landscape, and that the DJAARA (Dja Dja Wurrung People) hold a deep connection to Djandak (Country) spanning many generations.

When people are looking out through the windows, they will also see people in the landscape. The dotted lines represent pathways and the steps taken across Country. This feature artwork is a pathway to reconciliation.

The name was chosen after extensive consultation with the Dja Dja Wurrung, their Elders and Geographic Names Victoria.

The façade design was created by Dja Dja Wurrung, Yorta Yorta and Jaru artist, Natasha Carter.

Bendigo GovHub main building demolition with Smoking Ceremony

Transcript: Bendigo GovHub Smoking Ceremony (DOCX 16.15 KB) DOCX icon


195-229 Lyttleton Terrace, Bendigo, Victoria


  • Mid 2019 - Concept design
  • Mid 2019 - Community Engagement
  • Mid 2021 - Construction start
  • Late 2022 - Construction complete
  • Mid 2023 - Building occupancy.

Dates are indicative and subject to change.


  • $133 million project
  • 200 jobs during construction
  • up to 1000 workers co-located in the GovHub
  • $131 million boost to the local economy.

Project details

Bendigo is one of Australia’s fastest growing regional cities and is expected to account for more than half of the Loddon Mallee region’s population growth through to 2036.

The Victorian Government has investedin the development of the Bendigo GovHub, including the construction and fit out of the building which centralisesthe delivery of a range of government services and accommodate up to 1000 City of Greater Bendigo and Victorian Government workers.

The modern, state-of-the-art building will be located on Lyttleton Terrace on the current office of the City of Greater Bendigo, in the Civic Precinct. The City of Greater Bendigo decided to sell its Lyttleton Terrace office to the Victorian Government and become a tenant in the GovHub on 21 February 2019.

The Bendigo GovHub will create local connections with important partners and service providers to deliver better services and connections to the community, collocating workers from:

The GovHub will create 100 new Victorian Government jobs across various departments and agencies, 30 of which have been allocated to the Labour Hire Authority and 50 to the Portable Long Service Authority.

The Bendigo GovHub is the third GovHub that the Victorian Government has committed to deliver – joining Ballarat and Latrobe Valley.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 confirmed a $16 million investment for delivery of the Bendigo GovHub. The investment will go towards a project valued at $133 million, to build and fit-out the new modern office building.

Project design

Detailed artist impressions were unveiled – revealing a design with sustainability, connectivity and wellbeing at the forefront.

The impressions reflect the unique heritage and culture of Bendigo and build on initial concept designs, which were taken to the community for feedback online and during consultation and engagements sessions.

The GovHub features ground floor community spaces and a welcoming customer service area, a concierge, a café, opportunities for heritage or local art exhibitions and spaces with ‘lookouts’ offering views of landscaped gardens and beyond.

Designed by Lyons Architects, the proposed designs incorporate key sustainability features including efficient indoor air quality systems, solar panels, water and energy monitoring systems and a large timber frame which is known for its many construction and health benefits.

Bendigo GovHub flyer, November 2019 (PDF 2023.59 KB) PDF icon

Project benefits

Major services in one convenient location

With Victoria growing and changing more rapidly than at any point in its history, it’s critical that government understands local needs to meet the future demands of regional Victoria.

As Bendigo grows to support population growth, the Victorian Government is centralising services to respond to the patterns of where people want to live, shop, work and go to school.

The Bendigo GovHub brings together multiple agencies to modernise governments service offering in Bendigo - enabling residents to make planning enquiries, obtain permits, make general enquiries and pay bills, all in one convenient location.

Importantly, the co-location of major government services will create more jobs and opportunities for people to work and invest in the CBD.

Revitalising the northern end of the city

The GovHub be home to up to 1000  City of Greater Bendigo and Victorian Government workers workers– providing a new and exciting opportunity to revitalise the northern end of the city.

An increase in workers will mean more people will be eating, shopping and doing business which will have positive revenue impacts to neighbouring traders and local services.

Boosting the local economy

Around 100 jobs will be created during the construction of the Bendigo GovHub and a total of $131 million will be injected into the local economy during the life of the project.

A further 100 new public sector jobs will be created which are expected to generate an additional 25 jobs through supply chain effects, contributing $28.8 million annually to the economy.

There are also opportunities for new businesses to set up shop in the Bendigo CBD as government agencies move to the GovHub.

Project partners

Regional Development Victoria appointed Development Victoria to manage and oversee the construction of the Bendigo GovHub.

Development Victoria has a track record of delivering projects of state significance and is currently managing the Ballarat GovHub project.

All enquiries regarding the Bendigo GovHub project can be forwarded to