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Helping Lancefield brewery to grow and thrive


Lancefield’s Lost Watering Hole brewery is keeping tourism flowing in the Macedon Ranges with its newly completed brewery and restaurant now open thanks to support from the Victorian Government.

The brewery and restaurant has created 24 new jobs backed by the Regional Jobs Fund.

The independent brewery has produced 2000 litres of beer per week since December 2022 and has served a total of 14,000 meals at its restaurant since opening.

The brewery celebrates the history of the area which is close to one of Australia’s richest fossil deposits of extinct giant species including the giant kangaroo, the giant wombat and a giant flightless bird.

A well-digger discovered the bones of these ancient Australian species in the late 19th century which helped scientists understand why these species known as megafauna are extinct.

Visitors to Lost Watering Hole will note the nod to these giant species that once roamed the land, with eye-catching features, including fossils embedded in the polished concrete floor.

Megafauna also appears on Lost Watering Hole branded beers including Big Roo pale ale, Swamp Rat dark lager, Flightless draught kolsch and a Wide Wombi IPA.

The onsite brewery can produce 100,000 litres of beer a year and is equipped to produce and package for other labels.

The new craft brewery and restaurant will help meet a high demand for Victorian craft beer. The state is leading the way in Australia’s craft beer scene and is home to almost a third of the nation’s independent brewing businesses.

The Regional Jobs Fund is part of the Victorian Government’s flagship Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund – central to the Government’s record investment of more than $36 billion in rural and regional Victoria since 2015. For more information go to Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.