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Invest in Victorian Agriculture website launched


The Invest in Victorian Agriculture (IVA) website provides easy access to information about agriculture and food processing. It has been created to help promote investment in these industries in Victoria. The IVA website will also be useful to DEDJTR staff and stakeholders seeking information and maps relevant to agriculture and food processing.

Agriculture and food processing

Agriculture and food processing are strategically important industries for Victoria, worth $13.1 billion and $38.1 billion respectively (gross value in 2015-16). Growing these industries will create jobs and prosperity for Victorians, especially in regional areas.

Victoria has global competitive advantages in both these industries, and their products are experiencing robust global demand. This combination of supply and demand creates a strategic opportunity for Victoria. Investment is needed to make the most of this opportunity.

Attracting investment

The Victorian Government’s Food and Fibre Plan and Agriculture Strategy help ensure we grasp the opportunity to develop these industries. Attracting investment is a priority in these strategies, including through the creation of the IVA website.

The IVA website has been created by Agriculture Victoria in collaboration with Invest Victoria, Regional Development Victoria, and other internal stakeholders.

16 PDF reports

The IVA incorporates a series of 16 PDF reports on Victorian agriculture and food processing: one summary report, six industry reports, and nine regional reports (one for each Regional Partnership region). The website has a summary of agriculture and food processing in the Melbourne region.

Interactive map

The IVA introduces a state-of-the-art interactive map. This has detailed data relevant to agriculture and food processing, for example on soils, water, climate, agricultural production, processing locations, and infrastructure.

You can explore the whole IVA website, or go directly to the interactive map, using the links below:

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