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Romsey Ecotherapy Park designs released


Romsey Ecotherapy ParkThe Victorian Government has released concept designs of a new public park in Romsey that will be accessible for people of all ages and abilities and will contribute to boosting the local economy.The park, located in the township of Romsey, is being delivered in three stages. The Victorian Government is investing $718,000 in stage two of the park’s development, which will provide a unique experience for both local residents and visitors to enjoy.

Significant areas in the park include a sensory space as well as an arts and culture area. The sensory space will include elements such a contemplative path, orchard, sound chimes and water play system. The arts and culture area will be a flexible space to host events, installations and community gatherings.

The Romsey Ecotherapy Park is supported by the Victorian Government’s Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, a key aspect of the Government’s record $2.6 billion Delivering for Regional and Rural Victoria Program.

It is expected that construction for stage two will commence in July 2021. Construction will provide employment for 12 full-time equivalent construction workers over two years, supporting the Victorian Government’s commitment to facilitating opportunities for Local Jobs First.

Completion of stage two of the park will attract visitors interested in nature based, health and wellness tourism, along with boutique music and performance events. The project will create jobs and provide lasting economic benefits for Romsey and the broader region.

Romsey Ecotherapy Park schematic designs (PDF 6142.06 KB)PDF icon

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