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Skincare company’s move brings 100 jobs to Kyneton


Prestige skincare brand RATIONALE has relocated to Kyneton with the completion of its new multi-million-dollar headquarters, creating 100 jobs and bringing more opportunities to regional Victoria.

RATIONALE’S new facility is backed by the Victorian Government’s Regional Jobs Fund.

The relocation enabled the company to create around 50 new jobs in Kyneton and for 50 existing staff to move to the region, in turn enabling RATIONALE to grow across local and international markets. New jobs have been created across areas including research, training, production, worldwide logistics and operations.

The new Kyneton headquarters enables the company to manufacture, package and distribute in-house, onsite and at scale to meet expected growth in local and export markets. The move coincides with RATIONALE’s 30th anniversary of producing luxury skincare products.

RATIONALE exports to the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan and launches in the United States later this year. The company operates 14 flagship clinics for consultations and sales in Australian capital cities and another two in Singapore.

Design elements within the new Kyneton facility reflect the company’s close ties with art and culture, including a two-storey high screen gallery in the reception area that screens work by Australian artists. The facility also includes a photo studio to support the company to create its own content for marketing and other purposes.

A new training facility, fitted to mimic the flagship clinic treatment rooms, will allow onsite training for product agents, cosmetic doctors and other partners.

RATIONALE’s products focus on local ingredients and the new research and development centre enables the company to develop new formulations using even more raw materials sourced locally.

The company has started six months of trial batches at the facility to ensure its systems and procedures can be certified before kicking off full-scale production at the end of 2022.

The Regional Jobs Fund is part of the Victorian Government’s flagship Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, whichis a key part of the record investment of more than $36 billion in rural and regional Victoria since 2015.

The Government has invested more than $700 million in its Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund since 2015 – supporting around 13,000 jobs and delivering 1,000 projects. For more information, visit Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.