Regional Development Victoria

Ballarat’s new hub for digital innovation open


Ballarat’s new home for digital innovation and entrepreneurship has officially opened in a win for digital specialists, innovators, technology designers, researchers and students.

Ballarat’s dedicated digital startup space is located at Federation University’s Flecknoe Building will be known as Runway Ballarat – The Workshop.

The new space will house digital specialists, technology designers, researchers and students in one central location.

Designed as a hub for collaboration, innovation and invention, Runway Ballarat will foster entrepreneurship, digital service and product development and support the commercialisation of Victoria’s brightest ideas.

Runway’s state of the art Fabrication Laboratory will provide entrepreneurs with the ability to manufacture almost anything, allowing them to bring to life and prototype their ideas and startup concepts.

Ballarat is already home to over 100 ICT businesses and the sector employs more than 1,500 people, generating $163 million for the regional economy.

With over 2,000 participants expected to take advantage of Runway Ballarat – The Workshop over the next four years, the facility is set to capitalise on Ballarat’s strength as a centre for ICT and digital innovation.

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