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Bridge upgrade to brings benefits to Western Victoria


The Victorian Government is helping to replace Castle Carey Bridge, near Glenormiston, which will save producers 6,885 kilometres of travel every week.

Through the flagship Agriculture Infrastructure and Jobs Fund (AIJF) $1 million will be provided to Corangamite Shire to improve the bridge and enable local agribusinesses to better transport produce from paddock to port.

The projected overall economic benefit from the upgrade is $9.3m over 25 years.

Castle Carey Bridge is an important regional stock and freight route, used to transport milk from farms to processing plants in the region and deliver grain from the north to the southern dairy producing regions.

The current timber deck bridge across Mt Emu Creek is single-lane, suffers substandard curved approaches, cannot carry heavy loads and is becoming increasingly expensive to maintain.

The new bridge will be a 67m long, 9m wide two-lane concrete deck bridge that will be two metres higher, making it less susceptible to damage and road closure due to flooding.

Upgrading the bridge will cut travel distances for B-Double and Higher Mass Limit vehicles by 17.5km and means they will bypass the township of Noorat, making the town safer and quieter.

Farmers will reap the rewards of this project, with more than 100 properties north of the bridge, as well as school buses and emergency vehicles, who will get a safer, speedier transport route.

The AIJF is a key element of the Government’s plan to create jobs and grow regional industries, supporting practical projects that reduce costs to farmers, agribusinesses and allied industries.

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