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twitter follow us logoThe RDA Barwon South West Committee works in partnership with community, business and all levels of government to support and contribute to strategic regional development across the local government areas of Greater Geelong, Queenscliffe, Surf Coast, Colac Otway, Corangamite, Moyne, Warrnambool, Southern Grampians and Glenelg, in south western Victoria.

The Committee comprises representatives from business, industry, government, education and training. Committee members come from various locations throughout the region. Its membership includes cross-representation with other regional organisations such as G21 Geelong Region Alliance, Committee for Geelong, the Committee for Portland and the Great South Coast leadership group to achieve maximum input and consultation.

The Committee’s core responsibilities are:

  • to be a key facilitator of strategic change and economic, social and environmental development in the region;
  • to be the link between government, business and the community; and 
  • to facilitate whole of government responses to opportunities in the community.

Vision Statement

The Regional Development Australia Barwon South West Committee will facilitate regional activity by progressing projects that are underpinned by a solid evidence base.

With a reputation for results, it will have credibility within the region and will be a respected source of advice to the Victorian and Australian Governments.

By its willingness and capacity to cut across boundaries the Committee will add value to G21, Great South Coast and other regional voices. It will demonstrate leadership across the full breadth of regional issues.


Since the establishment of the RDA Barwon South West Committee in December 2009, the Committee has made significant progress. Key achievements to date include:

  • engaged with a range of regional stakeholder groups
  • lead regional consensus around the top three Barwon South Region priority projects
  • delivered the Barwon South West Region: Advice to Government document
  • assisted the development of the Great South Coast Regional Strategic Plan
  • worked with the G21 Geelong Region Alliance to identify priority projects critical to the sustainable growth of the region
  • started work with regional stakeholders to lead and progress tourism and higher education initiatives.

Contact details

Level 2, Harrison Place
237 Ryrie Street
Geelong VIC 3220
Tel: (+61 3) 5215 6000
Fax: (+61 3) 5222 1112


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