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Confectionary manufacturing

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Melbourne delivers and supports initiatives that drive economic development across Victoria by collaborating with the Victorian RDA Committees, all levels of government, and the private sector.

RDA Melbourne leverages their unique position to identify synergistic opportunities to leverage regional effort and boost economic activity.

Below are some of the committee’s projects.


Gangi Germicidal Systems

Gangi Germicidal Systems and Swinburne University share their connection on creating a disinfection system called Lindo Chamber using Industry 4.0 practices.

Transcript - Gangi Germicidal Systems Transcript - Gangi Germicidal Systems (DOCX 24.49 KB) DOCX icon

Melbourne’s North Advanced Manufacturing Group (MNAMG)

RDA Melbourne in collaboration with MNAMG is to provide opportunities for manufacturers to partner with other businesses, education institutions and three levels of government to develop new product opportunities, strengthen local supply chain capability, enhance business systems, develop training and technology and identify and grow sustainable local and export markets for manufacturing businesses.

Workplace of the Future

This project proposes to understand the ability to work from where you live, rather than where your job is located, is an opportunity for economic activation and workforce retention and growth.

“Anywhere working” is now an accepted way of approaching how we work. It can mean working from home, in jobs that were traditionally performed in central offices. It can also include working from hubs, incubators or co-working locations. The availability of technology brings with it the ability for workers and employers to connect, while cloud computing will keep data secure and smart devices provide the interface for communicating and working outside of a traditional office environment.

With this approach, businesses may be able to access the skills and capabilities of people wherever they are, allowing people who otherwise are excluded from the workplace to be available to work, and more productively.

Gippsland Peri-Urban REDS Addendum

RDA Melbourne in conjunction with RDA Gippsland are developing a socio-economic profile of the Melbourne-Gippsland peri-urban region, with a focus on the identification of opportunities, challenges and policy considerations for greater economic integration to drive growth and development.

The analysis will examine the functional economic zone between the Gippsland region and metropolitan Melbourne

A clear understanding of the issues, opportunities and challenges of the interface between adjacent metropolitan and regional areas and how policies, strategies and programs can better integrate economic development activities between the two areas for overall prosperity for Victorians

Advanced Manufacturing

RDA Melbourne is in the early stages of planning an event that will expose Victorian regional RDAs and their stakeholders to the model of capacity building for small-to-medium enterprises (SME’s) in the manufacturing sector by Melbourne’s North Advanced Manufacturing Group to migrate to advanced manufacturing including initiatives such as Industry 4.0.

Melbourne Metropolitan Economy and Employment Analysis

RDA Melbourne commissioned SGS Economics and Planning to analyse metropolitan Melbourne’s strengths and areas of improvement in Melbourne key existing and emerging sectors. The report also indicates the impact of COVID-19 on those sectors and uses a traffic light system to indicate resilience in those sectors through a number of factors.

The report undertakes a Haussman analysis of Melbourne’s economy, the first analysis done for an Australian capital city which measures the productive capabilities of a location and is founded on the notion that productive capabilities determine the number and quality of products that a country can export.

Download the RDA Melbourne Research Report (PDF 3267.17 KB) PDF icon.

An accessible version of this document is currently not available. Work to create an accessible version may be underway and an accessible version can be provided on request. Contact us if you need further information.

Bayswater Business Precinct

The Bayswater Business Precinct is a manufacturing/commercial area in the Eastern region of metropolitan Melbourne.

In 2021, RDA Melbourne collaborated with the three municipalities with responsibility for the precinct — Yarra Ranges, Maroondah and Knox — to engage a team of planning and economic development consultants to develop a transformation strategy. While the Bayswater Business Precinct is a significant contributor to Gross State Product, a strategy was needed to revitalise transportation and access, place-making, built form and open space. The strategy will provide guidance for public and private investment into the precinct.

Download the Bayswater Business Precinct Transformation Strategy (PDF 2682.63 KB) PDF icon.

An accessible version of this document is currently not available. Work to create an accessible version may be underway and an accessible version can be provided on request. Contact us if you need further information.

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