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RDA Loddon Mallee delivers and supports regional initiatives that drive economic development, working closely with all levels of government, business and community organisations and other local stakeholders.

Below are some of the committee’s current or previous projects.

Regional Economic Growth Strategies

RDA Loddon Mallee joined forces with the Loddon Campaspe and Mallee Regional Partnerships to undertake a project to update the direction for significant strategic economic development.

The project has been undertaken in stages:

  • Stage One - Consolidated economic analysis presented in Technical Reports
  • Stage Two - Development of Economic Growth Strategies
  • Stage Three – Implementation

The Economic Growth Strategies have been completed and provide the strategic basis, rationale and direction for investment throughout the Loddon Mallee region.

Implementation is underway through the development of an Investment Prospectus and scoping of transformational large-scale projects aimed at significant private investment.

Loddon Campaspe Economic Growth Strategy (PDF 5363.58 KB)PDF icon
Mallee Economic Growth Strategy (PDF 8200.42 KB)PDF icon
Loddon Campaspe Economic Growth Strategy Technical Report (PDF 2069.95 KB)PDF icon
Mallee Economic Growth Strategy Technical Report (PDF 1781.16 KB)PDF icon

If you would like to know more about this project, email RDA Loddon Mallee.

Air Passenger Route Feasibility Study

RDA Loddon Mallee are funding a study to test the feasibility of developing a regular air passenger route from Bendigo to Adelaide, via Mildura.

The new passenger service would create greater connections across the region, potentially unlocking social and economic benefits. This service has the potential to create benefits for business, education, health and tourism.

A Project Steering Group has been established to guide the project, and comprises representatives from RDA Loddon Mallee, Regional Development Victoria, Mildura Airport Corporation, and the City of Greater Bendigo - operators of the Bendigo airport.

If you would like to know more about this project, email RDA Loddon Mallee.

Business Case Development and Analysis training

In its support to build the capability of professionals in the region, RDA Loddon Mallee provided business case training to local economic development professionals in June, 2019.

More than 40 people attended the two days of training that was held in Bendigo and Robinvale. Professionals learnt how to develop and evaluate business cases.

The training was conducted by an independent facilitator with significant experience in successful business case development in regional Australia.

Learning outcomes from the training included correct terminology and how to align policy with evidence that’s required for an outstanding business case, as well as furthering participants understanding of economic modelling, financial analysis and valuation.

It is envisaged this training will improve future business case development, lead to a greater number of successful grant applications and potentially lead to additional funding for the region.

If you would like to know more about this project, email RDA Loddon Mallee.

Sunraysia Export Alliance Scoping Study

The Sunraysia agrifood sector is one of Australia’s largest and most important horticultural hubs in Australia. The region accounts for over 80 per cent of Australia’s citrus exports and an estimated 90 per cent for each of Australia’s summer fruit and table grape exports.

In 2017, Sunraysia exported an estimated $1.4 billion of fruit and nut products, thanks to demand for citrus, summer fruit and table grapes from China and other Northern Asian markets.

This project was initiated by RDA Loddon Mallee to assess the level of interest of an export alliance for the agrifood industries within the Sunraysia region, as well as investigate the potential roles, functions and benefits of an export alliance.

The study provides a summary of the Sunraysia agrifood economy and outlines the key challenges that are likely to occur in the region’s agrifood sector over the next few years.

It concludes there was little appetite for a formal export alliance in the region. However, it recognised an opportunity for a more broadly-based agribusiness network that could advance key policy issues and provide a touch point for government, regulatory agencies and other bodies for the region.

Another recommendation was to investigate the opportunity to establish a broad based agrifood network, or an affiliated industry development cluster within the gourmet and artisan food community, similar to the Sunshine Coast’s Food and Agribusiness Network.

Read the Sunraysia Export Alliance Scoping Study (PDF 1812.16 KB)PDF icon.

If you would like to know more about this project, email RDA Loddon Mallee.

Workforce Development and Training Needs: Buloke and Gannawarra Shires

In 2017, the Victorian Skills Commissioner undertook research to develop the Mallee Regional Skills Demand Profile outlining the particular challenges faced by employers in the Mildura, Swan Hill and Robinvale areas.

This project builds on that work with a focus on the Buloke and Gannawarra Shires - areas with ‘thin markets’ and limited training opportunities. It was jointly funded by RDA Loddon Mallee, the two Shires and supported by the Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner.

Consultation has been undertaken with each Shire and a series of industry round tables have been facilitated with local employers.

The final reports outline the critical needs, challenges and opportunities to address the workforce development and training issues. They also outline opportunities to better connect and make use of education providers currently active in the region.

The Mallee Regional Partnership is currently looking at ways to progress the recommendations.

Workforce Development and Training Needs of the Buloke Shire (PDF 1167.2 KB)PDF icon
Workforce Development and Training Needs of the Gannawarra Shire (PDF 1173.4 KB)PDF icon.

If you would like to know more about this project, email RDA Loddon Mallee.

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