Regional Development Victoria

RDA Grampians

RDA Grampians is an independent advisory body with voluntary community, business and local government members. Its goal is to support economic development in the Grampians region working across all three levels of government. It is charged by the Australian and Victorian governments to provide strategic advice on regional planning, economic and social issues and job creation.

Map of Victoria highlighting the Grampians region

Output:  $19.811 Billion
Regional Exports: $5.052 billion
Regional Imports: $4.846 billion
Population: 232,732 people
Employment: 80,787 jobs
Gross Regional Product: $10.419 billion
Value Added: $8.953 billion
Tourism Output: $814.710 million
Tourism Employment: 4,970 jobs

Contact details

111 Armstrong Street Nth,
Ballarat VIC 3350

Phone: +613 5327 2835
Fax: +613 5327 2830

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