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A small hall for a town, a giant impact on a community


Small Victorian towns typically don’t have a town square as the meeting place, but they almost always have a local hall where the community meets and socialises.

From old-time dances, 21st birthday parties, historical society meetings, school concerts, badminton competition, film clubs, community consultations – Victoria’s small town halls have seen it all, and more.

The team at Regional Development Victoria coordinates the upgrade of some of these local halls, with recent projects including:

  • Moyston Hall Redevelopment
  • Blackwood Hall Upgrade
  • Glenlyon Hall access
  • Avenel Hall Upgrade
  • Pyrenees Sustainable Community Hubs Project –Barkly Hall, Raglan Hall, Redbank Hall

These projects help to bring energy and life back into regional towns and RDV is proud to play our part in revitalising these communities.

Moyston Hall

The 103-year-old Moyston Hall building, re-opened in 2017, has undergone an impressive makeover. The upgrade included:

  • construction of a new, accessibility-compliant front access ramp
  • a new modern façade while keeping the heritage of the building intact
  • accessible toilets
  • kitchen improvements
  • installation of a platform-lift for stage access
  • interior painting.

The modernised and expanded facilities at Moyston better suit the community’s needs and are suitable for a greater range of activities, which has ensured the ongoing viability of Moyston Hall.

Pyrenees Sustainable Community Hubs Project

For the townships of Barkly, Raglan and Redbank, their town halls are the only meeting places in town. With no pub or footy rooms as alternatives to use for social events and community meetings, these halls are integral to community activity and socialising.

The combined works on these halls included plumbing upgrades, access ramps, renovated kitchens, and replacement of air-conditioning.

Across all three towns, more than 40 groups are expected to benefit from the upgrades.

It is hoped that Barkly Hall can now host more regular arts and music events to increase visitation; Raglan Hall can expand the local equestrian event; and Redbank Hall can host more wine and food events to profile local produce.

Investment in these halls helps to create pride for community, encourage more social and recreational activities for community building, and contributing to making regional Victoria a great place to live.


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