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Bringing jobseekers to farms across the Goulburn Valley


seasonal worker harvesting fruit in regional Victoria

Goulburn Valley fruit growers are set to benefit from a new program connecting them with jobseekers at harvest time.

The Victorian Government has invested $500,000 for the Goulburn Valley Seasonal Worker Support Program as part of its $10 million Regional Recovery Fund – designed to address community needs and help businesses thrive.

The project will support a strategic marketing campaign bringing jobseekers to farms across the Goulburn Valley and increase the diversity and resourcing for managing seasonal labour across the region.

The project will also provide digital training to support farmers and workers and assist with induction, OH&S and skills training.

The project will be delivered by Fruit Growers Victoria (FGV) in partnership with Greater Shepparton City Council and Cobram and District Fruit Growers Association.

The Regional Recovery Fund is designed to kickstart regional recovery by investing in locally identified projects that address each region’s unique and immediate socio-economic challenges, with a strong focus on creating jobs.

The fund addresses priorities identified by regional communities and is part of almost $30 billion invested by the Victorian Government in regional and rural Victoria since 2015.

Successful projects were identified based on their ability to provide an immediate economic response and assist with recovery efforts while also laying the groundwork for future growth.

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