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Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy


Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy coverDealing with the impacts of climate change, the repercussions of a global pandemic as well as having to navigate rapidly changing competitive global markets are among the many challenges faced by the Goulburn Murray agricultural sector.

The region cannot control these challenges, but it can be prepared for them, and be willing to adapt, transform and thrive in the face of disruption.

To help with this, the Victorian Government and Goulburn Regional Partnership have supported the creation of the community-led Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy.

The strategy, which is based on the input of more than 250 stakeholders, sets out a ‘resilience framework’ based on a set of interventions that respond to the region’s most pressing issues.

Recognising the importance of irrigated agriculture to drive outcomes in the region, there is a strong focus on that sector, with proposed interventions ranging from investment attraction, to Indigenous crop production, smart farming and the development of a thriving agri-tourism network. However, the thinking behind the strategy applies to all sectors of the Goulburn Murray community and economy.

Other interventions, for example, respond to the need for novel approaches to research and development, while others support the goal of eliminating waste and creating a circular economy, underpinned by the transition to renewable energy sources

The Goulburn Regional Partnership attracted funding for the strategy through the Agriculture Jobs and Infrastructure Fund and has worked with a project control group made up of regional stakeholders to guide the development of the Strategy.

The strategy also recommends the establishment of a community-based taskforce to take on governance and ownership of the Strategy’s promotion, implementation and evolution over time.

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