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Study to extend Wimmera Mallee Pipeline


The Victorian Government today announced $1 million to investigate the feasibility of extending the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline further into West Wimmera Shire and Ararat Rural City to deliver water security to more of Ararat Rural City and West Wimmera Shire and better secure the future of local farming.

The study will investigate the feasibility of extending the pipeline network to cover an area of more than 300,000 hectares as well as replacing the open channel between Rocklands Reservoir and Taylors Lake with pipeline.

The investigation will be led by Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water and include hydrological assessments of water resources, design concepts for pipe supply and stakeholder and community consultation. It will also consider options to improve recreational opportunities as well as environmental and emergency service outcomes.

Within Ararat Rural City, the study will include assessing the feasibility of expanding the pipeline network to the areas between Ararat and Westmere and from Mafeking to Buangor.

In the West Wimmera Shire it will assess the potential to expand the pipeline network to the area running north to west between Patyah and Balmoral and the area running west to east from Edenhope to Balmoral.

The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline was completed in 2010 and replaced 17,500km of earthern channels with more than 9000km of pressurised pipeline to provide continuous water supply to 9000 farms and 34 townships.

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