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Wodonga youth dive deep to help others


Wodonga Deep Dive Newspaper cover - May 2020Mental health can be a hard topic to open up about even in the best of times, so it’s understandable that many young people who struggle with their mental health feel very alone –  not knowing where to find assistance or connect with others who can support them through difficult times.

A group of young people in Wodonga are seeking to change that, with a publication that shares their stories and taps into their insights and creative talent to improve understanding about youth mental health and help others into the future.

“Mental health has consistently been raised as a top priority for young people in the North East – it’s fantastic to see how they’ve used lived experience and passion to create something so beneficial,” says Minister for Regional Development, Jaclyn Symes MP.

“At a time where being connected and open is even more important, it’s initiatives like this one that will give a voice to young people and inform the broader community of the things that concern them and drive them.”

According to Irene Grant, Ovens Murray Regional Partnership Chair, it was a desire to learn more about the issue that led the Partnership to engage directly with young people.

“Doing a deep dive into youth mental health has empowered the Partnership to take these young people’s experiences, needs and priorities to service providers and people in government who make decisions that affect young people.”

“Deep Dive is a shining example of the energy, courage and creativity of a group of young people who, even with lots of challenges in their every-day lives, have produced something very special that will improve understanding and help others for a long time into the future,” she says.

Deep Dive is a joint project of the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership, Junction Support Services, City of Wodonga and Department of Health and Human Services.

To hear more from the voices who produced Deep Dive, read the newspaper and take a look at the wellbeing campaign videos and Deep Dive launch.

Download the Wodonga Deep Dive Newspaper, May 2020 (PDF 10944.26 KB)PDF icon

YouTube Deep Dive Wodonga channel

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