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Women’s incubator key to growing local economy


Women from a range of diverse multicultural backgrounds will be able to support their business aspirations at a new fit-for-purpose hub in Ballarat, backed by funding from the Victorian Government.

Launched virtually today the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council’s Women’s Business Incubator is supported by a $32,500 grant from the Stronger Regional Communities Program.

Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council (BRMC) launched the Women’s Business Incubator to foster the talents of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds and women aged over 50 to help them achieve financial autonomy and well-being.

The Business Incubator is focusing on these community members as they face a range of challenges including limited access to networks, language barriers and personal responsibilities, which put them at higher risk of unemployment and underemployment.

However, it is clear that these women have untapped entrepreneurial potential – often gaining skills and experience from their home countries with many operating family businesses before moving to Ballarat.

Based out of the BRMC Ballarat Welcome Centre, the Incubator space features room for meetings, workshops, training, consultations, business incubation and events.

The Incubator also provides connection to professional support services and mentorship through Stepping Stones, Commerce Ballarat, Sarina Russo and the City of Ballarat’s Intercultural Employment Pathways program.

The official opening marks the beginning of ‘Women’s Business month’ for BRMC. Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council plan to host a range of events when coronavirus restrictions ease including a money minders workshop, breakfasts with local businesses, a vaccination workshop, and a pop-up market.

This investment is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to ensure Ballarat can thrive into the future, demonstrated through an almost $30 billion investment for rural and regional Victoria since 2015.

The Victorian Government continues to support the creation of thousands of new jobs and puts regional development at the heart of local communities – investing in the things we know will make a difference to rural and regional Victorians.

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