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RDA Chair visits Canberra to meet with senior Australian Government officials


RDA Hume Chair met with the Deputy Prime Minister and senior Australian Government officials today in Canberra to discuss issues and opportunities in the Hume Region.

RDA Hume Chair, Susan Benedyka, said the meetings were productive and positive, speaking about opportunities for the growth of Defence industry in the Hume region, the rollout and implementation of actions from the Regions at the Ready: Investing in Australia’s Future report and discussed the Government’s future policy direction on regional development.

“I took the opportunity to brief Mr McCormack on the findings of a stakeholder meeting in Wodonga which focused on finding ways we can build upon and maintain the Defence industries presence in regional Victoria,” said Ms Benedyka.

“Some participants at this meeting also discussed the difficulties of doing business with the Defence. It was important to take this information straight to Canberra, where I hope we will see some tangible outcomes from this meeting.”

The meeting was also a timely opportunity to discuss with the Government the Regions at the Ready report, which RDA Hume had a strong input into and sets the future direction for regional development and decentralisation.

Ms Benedyka highlighted the need for funding for the renewal of the Hume Strategy for Sustainable Communities 2010-2020 (PDF 9998.22 KB)PDF icon by the government because of its importance to the Hume region which encourages partnerships and informs decision-making of benefits to communities in the region.

Ms Benedyka also attended various meetings with senior public officials during the visit to discuss inland rail and opportunities to create jobs and attract investment.

“It is vital that RDA Hume advocate at all levels of government on behalf of the communities within the Hume Region and we look forward to having further discussions on these important issues with the Government in the future,” said Ms Benedyka.

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