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Foster Streetscape Project keeps on giving

The Foster Streetscape Project continues to pay dividends with Gardening Australia last week doing a special feature on the edible gardens now blooming from verges and roundabouts across town.

The Foster Streetscape Project was originally completed in mid-2018 and was made possible by a $500,000 contribution by the Victorian Government.

Now, Foster’s main shopping street is more than just a place to shop, with many taking advantage of the street plantings. The hard work is the result of the green thumbs at South Gippsland Council Parks and Gardens Team.

At the time, the main upgrades to Foster’s main shopping strip included new footpaths, street furniture including seats and benches as well as improved parking and underground drainage. No one knew the improvements to landscaping would include an unexpected but welcome addition of edible fruits and vegetables – but locals seem to have embraced the free produce.

You can watch Foster Streetscape’s appearance on Gardening Australia below or read more about it on Gardening Australia’s website.