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Victoria's Regional Statement

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Victoria's Regional Statement is the Victorian Government's acknowledgement of the enormous contribution regional Victoria makes to Victoria’s economic strength and way of life. It was published in 2015.

The Statement is about creating jobs, providing a better start for young people, and supporting a brighter future for families and communities.

It is built on the Government's recognition that every region is different. From dry land to irrigated farming; and from big cities to small towns. From economies reliant on food and fibre, to tourism, manufacturing and natural resources. It signals our understanding that some regions are experiencing significant population growth, while others are facing population adjustment and decline. That regional communities have their own character, their own aspirations, and their own common sense understanding of the challenges and opportunities that they face.

The Statement follows an extensive independent review of regional economic development and service delivery. The objective of the Review was to give regional communities a say about their priorities for the future and the role government can play in delivering these.

The Review was a very important step in developing this Statement for regional Victoria. However, in addition to responding to the Review's recommendations, the Statement goes well beyond the Review’s focus on economic development and acknowledges the changes impacting on regional communities and the urgent need to tackle pockets of entrenched disadvantage and disparity in some parts of Victoria.

Through this Statement, the Government will deliver a louder voice for regional communities in government decision-making across all areas of policy and service delivery including:

  • Better Healthcare
  • Education and Training
  • Jobs and Growth
  • Quality of life
  • Safer Regional Communities
  • Transport and Infrastructure

The Regional Statement sets a new approach that will change the way government works with regional Victorians. Its centrepiece is the establishment of nine new Regional Partnerships across the State that will direct regional priorities straight into the heart of government. The Partnerships will look at the strategic priorities regional communities have identified themselves – across economic, social and environmental issues – and oversee implementation of the top priorities on a year-by-year basis. The Partnerships recognise that the opportunities and challenges facing regional communities are complex and intertwined, and that government needs to change how it operates to respond to the needs of communities.

The Statement sets out the next steps and flags future directions for regional development policy. It's a clear way forward that’s about working directly with local communities to build on regional Victoria’s strengths and tackle the issues that matter most.

To request a copy of the Regional Statement, contact us by email or phone 13 22 15.

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