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Our Partnership has a range of priorities it is championing. Some of these have led to new initiatives in our region.

Read about some of these projects below.

The Healthy Hearts Initiative
Track and Trails …. exploring Loddon Campaspe naturally


The Healthy Hearts Initiative

Improving the health of people living and working in our region has been a top priority for the Loddon Campaspe Partnership since our inception.

There are some alarming health figures for our region including that the proportion of the adult population in Loddon Campaspe reporting being obese is 24.3%. This compares with a Victorian average of 18.8%. The rate of avoidable deaths among people aged less than 75 in our region from cancer and heart disease is the highest in the state, while four of the six Loddon Campaspe Local Government Areas are in the top 20 heart attack hot spots in Victoria.

With this evidence in hand, we were excited when Government listened to our needs and, in August 2017, announced $150,000 for the development of a business case for a health improvement initiative in our region.

From this came the Healthy Heart of Victoria initiative. During late 2017, we brought together almost 100 people from 20 organisations for a workshop series across the region and from this we devised a regionally owned, implementation model aimed at improving health outcomes for our people.

In Budget 2018/19, the Partnership was thrilled to receive $5 million to make the Healthy Hearts initiative a reality.

Healthy Heart of Victoria Initiative


Track and Trails …. exploring Loddon Campaspe naturally

At our first two Loddon Campaspe Regional Assemblies, and at numerous community engagement workshops in our region, participants provided many examples of track and trail projects in our region they would like to see built or improved.

As a response to this, the Partnership was provided funding to develop a Loddon Campaspe Tracks and Trails strategy to identify significant trails within the region which require investment and further development.

After many months work by external consultants and a project steering group consisting of Local Government Authorities and Government representation, the Loddon Campaspe Regionally Significant Trails Strategy 2018 – 2023 was finalised early in 2018.

The Strategy provides the Regional Partnership a clear direction regarding what the region’s main priorities are for trail development and has gathered the evidence required to encourage investment in these trails.


Our Vision

The Loddon Campaspe Region is a nature-trail destination of choice for walkers, runners, riders and paddlers.

Our vision is not just about developing physical trails, but also creating trail experiences for users that will capitalise on the uniqueness of our region. In so doing, we hope to build the visitor economy and engage the public with the natural environment.

The Strategy identified five nature trail projects as being the highest priority for investment and development. These trails are:

  • The Daylesford to Hanging Rock Rail Trail;
  • The Echuca Winery Loop – Murray River Adventure Trail;
  • The Goldfields Track upgrade;
  • The Gunbower National Park Trail Loops – Murray River Adventure Trail;
  • The Heathcote to Murchison Trail.

The Strategy, and tracks and trails, was one of the main focuses for discussion at our 2018 Assembly.

Now the Strategy has been developed, the Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership will focus on implementing the recommendations and establish a regional governance body to oversee the implementation of the regional strategy.
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