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The Partnership engages with the Barwon community throughout the year and takes our region’s priorities annually to the Victorian Government, through a meeting with the Rural and Regional Ministerial Committee.

Over time, the Partnership has been able to refine the region’s priorities as it has consulted further.

In some cases, Government has responded to the priorities with funding for specific initiatives at Budget time or through the year.

But not all of our priorities require funding initiatives to get off the ground.

Our Region's Priorities

In 2017, the Partnership, for the first time, published the priorities it took to the Victorian Government.

You can find the Partnership’s 2017 priorities below.

Themes Outcomes Priorities
1. Enabling our children and young people through education and training Higher educational aspirations, engagement and achievement rates particularly in our disadvantaged communities Internet capacity and access to digital learning and cloud based resources to improved educational and future job outcomes
Improve the learning and development of vulnerable children in the early years by building parents’ capacity as first educators through well targeted programs and support
Raise educational aspirations and improve educational engagement and achievement rates of school aged children and young people particularly in disadvantaged communities
Maximise the opportunity for young people to access meaningful, sustainable future focused work
Ensure successful post school transitions for all young people by addressing factors which create barriers and entrench disadvantage
2. Transforming our industries and jobs for the future  
Scaled up enterprises attracting entrepreneurial businesses and decentralised service sectors to the region Leveraging Barwon’s regional competitive advantages to grow industry and jobs
Addressing enabling infrastructure barriers to existing and future investment opportunities
Examination of Barwon’s existing and future skills demand requirements focusing on innovation and productivity
3. Ensuring an inclusive, safe, healthy and resilient community for us all
People, disadvantaged by birth or place, can break the cycle Housing and homelessness
Best practice, early interventions and place based approaches
Community safety
4. Making our city and town centres places people want to live and visit Our city and town centres are attractive places for residents, visitors and industry Revitalise Central Geelong to thrive and be recognised locally and globally
Support the role that small town centres play in servicing local residents and attracting visitors to the region
5. Improving the transport network across the region Effective and efficient transfer of goods Increase the rail service volume between Geelong and Melbourne, the frequency of rail services between Geelong – Colac – Warrnambool and establish the public transport connection to Torquay/Surf Coast
Further develop transport infrastructure and services planning to enable a truly integrated, accessible, progressive and sustainable private, public and active transport network, joining key population growth areas of Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast
To enable more productive use of train travel for commuters between the Barwon region and Melbourne
6. Building the visitor economy throughout the region The Great Ocean Road is the spine for a highly acclaimed transformative visitor experience Actively contribute to the development and management of the Great Ocean Road
Support and facilitate transformative visitor economy projects for the Barwon region
Support investment in related tourism assets and to leverage the Great Ocean Road
7. Protecting our region's natural assets and reducing the impacts of climate change Climate change and sea level rise impacts are understood and evidence-based mitigating actions in place
Mitigate the impacts of climate change and sea level rise
Protect our high value natural assets and maintain the region's biodiversity
Advance new technologies and innovation in the generation and application of renewable energy and energy storage

Budget Outcomes for our Partnership

One way in which our Partnership priorities can be realised is through the Budget process.

You can read about our 2018/19 Victorian Budget Outcomes below. These outcomes relate to 2017 priorities.

You can read about our previous Budget outcomes here.

Barwon Partnership priorities supported in the Victorian Government Budget 2018/19 include:

  • $1.3 million for Project Runway, a collaborative pilot entrepreneurial ecosystem project led by Runway Geelong to grow industry and jobs and support scale-ups, innovation and research
  • $1.6 million for Skilling the Bay to raise educational attainment levels and improve pathways to employment in the Geelong area
  • Funding to expand the Geelong Project to four more government secondary schools to address student wellbeing, homelessness and disengagement
  • $153.2 million for the Geelong City Deal, including funding towards implementation of the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan Stage 2, development of the Geelong Convention and Exhibition Centre and the revitalisation of central Geelong
  • A share of $25 million for continuation of the Community Crime Prevention Program to fund local crime prevention initiatives, develop positive promotion of local communities and promote positive results of local crime prevention projects
  • $4.8 million to prepare the Barwon region for climate change with a focus on emergency management, maintenance and renewal of coastal infrastructure on public land, and landscape scale adaptation
  • A share of $11 million for the Victorian Mobile Project Round 4, building on the Government’s existing commitment to remove mobile black spots in regional Victoria

Click here to download the Barwon Regional Partnership 2018/19 Budget Fact Sheet for more information. (PDF 401.2 KB)

Find out more about the Victorian Budget 2018/19 outcomes for Victoria's regions

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