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Our priorities and outcomes

The Barwon Regional Partnership champions initiatives that will enhance the social, cultural, environmental, and economic wellbeing of the communities in the Barwon region.

The priority initiatives are guided by the partnership’s focus on investing in good growth for the benefit of all.

Top 5 priorities

The Barwon Regional Partnership is advocating for the following top 5 priorities that will address some of the challenges and opportunities faced by the Barwon region as we strive for good growth.

Geelong regional priority precincts

A new mechanism for the integrated planning and delivery of 10 ’priority precincts’ along the Geelong Regional Rail Network that address critical housing and transport needs.


Fast track opportunities for workforce, social and affordable housing via a Barwon region wide commercial capability project response with the private sector to unlock government land identified and available, combined with local planning and engagement, to expedite the availability of this housing in key locations.

Social procurement

Embed the GROW/Geelong City Deal Social Procurement Model in the social procurement framework for all Victorian Government funded infrastructure projects.

Caring for Country: a space for Wadawurrung; and caring for Wadawurrung Country

A permanent physical presence for Wadawurrung in Geelong, serving as a centre for supporting growth and self-determination, celebrating and sharing culture, operating businesses, and representing generations to come.

Caring for Wadawurrung Country by investing in projects within water catchment corridors on Wadawurrung Country, including the Kitjarra dja bul bullarto langi ut Master Plan, a Healthy Country Plan for Porronggitj Karrong, and Murrk Njubitj Yarram Yaluk.

Regional recycled water grid

Investment to deliver a suite of on-ground Integrated Water Management (IWM) projects including a large-scale, staged recycled water and stormwater grid across the Moorabool Valley, Surf Coast Hinterland and the Bellarine.

The grid will enable sustainable water management, agribusiness, national scale hydrogen, clean tech industry and jobs growth.

Long-term growth outcomes

Our current priorities fall under 5 growth outcomes.

Integrated, connected growth

  • Urban design and planning centred on rail and transport precincts, promotes efficient land use and development.
  • Seamless connectivity across the region, facilitated by optimised transport infrastructure.

Growing our strengths

  • Regional strengths fuel a robust local economy, attracting investments and enhancing prosperity.
  • A skilled workforce drives growth in vital sectors.

Cohesive and inclusive growth

  • Bringing people together, and empowering marginalised communities.
  • Equitable access to services, spaces and facilities improves quality of life for communities.

Guiding growth through caring for Country

  • Cultural wisdom shapes development, respecting Traditional Owners, supporting growth and self-determination, and preserving ecosystems and heritage.

Clean, sustainable growth

  • A thriving economy supported by diverse renewable energy and resource efficiency.
    Striving for a lowered carbon footprint.

Alignment with the G21 Region Plan 2050

The Barwon Regional Partnership endorsed the G21 Region Plan 2050 and will seek to align partnership priorities with the plan.

Aligning partnership priorities with the plan's aspirations maximises our region's voice. By working together, we advocate from a common position to achieve a common goal: ensuring good growth for our region.

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