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The Partnership engages with the Loddon Campaspe community throughout the year and takes our region’s priorities annually to the Victorian Government, through a meeting with the Rural and Regional Ministerial Committee.

Over time, the Partnership has been able to refine the region’s priorities as it has consulted further.

In some cases, Government has responded to the priorities with funding for specific initiatives at Budget time or through the year.

But not all of our priorities require funding initiatives to get off the ground.

Our Region's Priorities

In 2017, the Partnership, for the first time, published the priorities it took to the Victorian Government.

You can find the Partnership’s 2017 priorities below.

Theme Regional Partnership Priority
A Connected Region The people in Loddon Campaspe region want to be better connected. They want great transport connections with increased rail services, faster trains and reliable access to internet so their travel time can be both productive and enjoyable. The region also wants reliable internet access and connectivity. Our people view digital connectivity as an essential service for business, education and a growing economy.
Health As a region we would like to support our communities to achieve real change in preventable health issues. We have high levels of obesity and the rates of avoidable deaths among people aged less than 75 from cancer and heart disease are the highest in the State. Getting physically active is one way to change this. Our aim is to encourage more people, to be more active, more often!
Create the Best Possible Start for Every Child In the Loddon Campaspe region a large number of children are entering school with developmental delays in language and literacy. The Regional Partnership wants to promote the importance of reading and speaking to children as this lays the foundations for literacy skills and helps create the important bonds for children to develop.
Supporting Youth – Our Critical Asset Our youth are our critical asset for the future of the region – so as a community, we need to take care of them. Mental health issues amongst our youth are on the rise, so now more than ever, they need to have supportive relationships, connection to their community and positive role models to help build resilience and grit to face the many challenges.
A Growing Economy Our region has some very unique qualities that make it a great place to live, work and invest. Many community leaders and business people want to see our region continue to grow from both a population and investment position. In order for this to happen, we need to capitalise on our strengths and opportunities so that our economy thrives.
A Great Environment to Live In

Bendigo and many other towns in the Loddon Campaspe region are surrounded by stunning natural forests. We want to explore better ways of interacting, using and taking care of our bush so that it can be here for future generations to enjoy and explore. 

Our region also wants to see the creation of a network of regional trails across the Loddon Campaspe Region to support healthy and active lifestyles, appreciation of the natural environment and development of a strong tourism experience for people visiting our region.

Budget Outcomes for our Partnership

One way in which our Partnership priorities can be realised is through the Budget process.

You can read about our 2018/19 Victorian Budget Outcomes below. These outcomes relate to 2017 priorities.

You can read about our previous Budget outcomes here.

Loddon Campaspe Partnership priorities supported in the Victorian Government Budget 2018/19 include:

  • $5 million towards Healthy Heart of Victoria program, including funding for the Heart of Victoria Active Living Census, the Loddon Campaspe Active Communities infrastructure program, and health and wellbeing brokers to build capacity and health and wellbeing throughout the region
  • $2.1 million to pilot a new land management partnership between Traditional Owners and the state through the Walking Together initiative
  • $130 million for rail infrastructure upgrades from Maryborough and Ararat to Ballarat
  • $59.9 million to revitalise the Bendigo Kangan Institute - Bendigo City Campus
  • $16 million to build the Bendigo GovHub to accommodate current and new public service jobs
  • $11.8 million for Castlemaine Secondary College to continue ongoing staged works, including the completion of the performing arts precinct
  • $10.2 million to support construction of a reticulated water supply to service the area surrounding the town of Mitiamo
  • Funding to acquire land for the new multi-jurisdictional Bendigo Law Court.

Click here to download the Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership 2018/19 Budget Fact Sheet for more information. (PDF )

Find out more about the Victorian Budget 2018/19 outcomes for Victoria's regions

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