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Our priorities

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The Partnership engages with the Central Highlands community and takes our region’s priorities to the Victorian Government.

The Central Highlands Regional Partnership advocates for:

  • support of the regional economy
  • inclusion of marginalised communities
  • building the safety and well-being of our people
  • fostering of a sustainable future.

Over time, the Partnership has been able to refine the region’s priorities as it has consulted further.

In some cases, Government has responded to the priorities with funding for specific initiatives at Budget time or throughout the year.
However, not all of our priorities require funding initiatives to get off the ground.

Our priorities and actions for 2023-24


Focus areas

The Central Highlands has the housing it needs, including private, rental, community and public housing.


  • Ensure the Central Highlands maximises opportunities for more social and affordable housing.
  • Work with the Victorian Government to ensure the Central Highlands receives its proportionate share of the $1b Regional Housing Fund.
  • Seek commitment from the Victorian Government to adopt the Central Highlands Regional Partnership’s Housing Guiding Principles in the delivery of new housing stock in the region.


Focus areas

Workers and businesses thrive in the Central Highlands.


  • Advocate for investment in the Visitor Economy sector to increase visitation, create new jobs and drive economic prosperity for our rural and regional communities.
  • Seek commitment from the Victorian Government to fund opportunities identified in the Central Highlands Victoria Tourism Investment Prospectus.


Focus areas

Digital and transport connectivity enhance our economic vibrancy and social cohesion.


  • Improve transport accessibility and connectivity to enhance the Central Highlands’ economic vibrancy and social cohesion.
  • Work with the Victorian Government to deliver the Ballarat Regional Integrated Transport Strategy and implement its recommendations.
  • Secure Victorian Government commitment to implement the findings of the Western Victoria Grain Industry Supply Chain Report.

Budget outcomes for our Partnership

One way our Partnership priorities can be realised is through the Budget process.

Read about our successive Victorian Budget outcomes:

Accessible versions of these documents are currently not available - please contact us if you need further information.

Find out more about the State Budget.

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