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Our Partnership has a range of priorities it is championing. Some of these have led to new initiatives in our region.

Read about some of these projects below.

Wodonga youth deep dive helping others

Wodonga Deep Dive Newspaper cover - May 2020Mental health can be a hard topic to open up about even in the best of times, so it’s understandable that many young people who struggle with their mental health feel very alone –  not knowing where to find assistance or connect with others who can support them through difficult times.

A group of young people in Wodonga are seeking to change that, with a publication that shares their stories and taps into their insights and creative talent to improve understanding about youth mental health and help others into the future.

According to Irene Grant, Ovens Murray Regional Partnership Chair, it was a desire to learn more about the issue that led the Partnership to engage directly with young people.

“Doing a deep dive into youth mental health has empowered the Partnership to take these young people’s experiences, needs and priorities to service providers and people in government who make decisions that affect young people.”

“Deep Dive is a shining example of the energy, courage and creativity of a group of young people who, even with lots of challenges in their every-day lives, have produced something very special that will improve understanding and help others for a long time into the future,” she says.

Deep Dive is a joint project of the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership, Junction Support Services, City of Wodonga and Department of Health and Human Services.

To hear more from the voices who produced Deep Dive, read the newspaper and take a look at the wellbeing campaign videos and Deep Dive launch.

Download the Wodonga Deep Dive Newspaper, May 2020 (PDF 10944.26 KB)PDF icon

YouTube Deep Dive Wodonga channel

Wodonga Deep Dive Newspaper Classifieds page

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Ovens Murray Digital Plan

The Ovens Murray Regional Partnership Digital Plan is an evidence-based, place-based analysis of the supply of and demand for digital services and skills in the region.

The Plan identifies gaps in the region’s current digital infrastructure and makes recommendations on how these gaps can be addressed.

It identified Ovens Murray as having one of the lowest levels of digital inclusion in Victoria, and a poor awareness of digital opportunities.

The availability and reliability of NBN services, limited availability of free public WiFi, and inadequate mobile coverage were also identified as key issues for the region.

The Plan was developed after regional communities across the state told all nine Regional Partnerships that regional digital connectivity needed to be improved. Each Partnership took this message to the Victorian Government, which responded by supporting the development of nine Digital Plans as part of the $45 million Connecting Regional Communities program. This is part of the state’s broader Connecting Victoria initiatives.

Ovens Murray Regional Partnership Chair Irene Grant said this is the first time government has undertaken such a consistent and coordinated survey of the digital connectivity landscape in close collaboration with regional stakeholders, recognising local challenges and priorities.

She added that the Partnership and other stakeholders in the region could now use the Digital Plan to advocate to all levels of government and industry for improvements to the region’s digital infrastructure.

Ms Grant said the Plan, along with the other eight of its type, will “empower us collectively and in our individual Partnership regions to provide evidence-based proof of where the Digital Divide lies in our regions and map the impacts and effects.”

“This is a really important document that will help us advocate for improvements here in Ovens Murray, but also across all of regional Victoria,” Ms Grant said. “Digital technology and infrastructure are fundamental to the economic and social growth of regional Victoria, and it is essential that our businesses and communities are not left behind.

“We want to thank the Victorian Government for supporting this Plan and for the leadership it has shown in helping to address the Digital Divide. Regional communities are now much better placed to advocate on digital connectivity issues and contribute to policy and program development.”

Ovens Murray Digital Plan, Part 1 - Regional context and priorities (PDF 917.25 KB)PDF icon
Ovens Murray Digital Plan, Part 1 - Regional context and priorities (PPTX 16509.64 KB)PPTX icon
Ovens Murray Digital Plan, Part 2 - Data collection findings and analysis (PDF 10079.97 KB)PDF icon
Ovens Murray Digital Plan, Part 2 - Data collection findings and analysis (DOCX 31473.74 KB)DOCX icon

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Showcasing digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Ovens Murray

Establishing Ovens Murray as a regional leader in digital innovation and entrepreneurship is a high priority for the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership.

We already have a strong foundation to build on, with the region attracting innovators from diverse backgrounds who are facilitating businesses, entrepreneurial collaborations and learning opportunities through digital technology.

The Partnership is keen to showcase some of these national and international digital success stories as a way of inspiring others in, and to, our region.

The following eight case studies highlight how people in Ovens Murray are using technology to facilitate community connection, enable work-life balance and provide economic and social benefit through jobs, training and improved services.

You’ll find a summary video below. Then you can explore each of the stories further by opening the links and watching the individual short videos.

Let us know what you think of our inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs by commenting on our Facebook page.

Read the video transcript (Word 13.8 KB)

From Wangaratta to Mars

Wangaratta’s Digital Technology Advisory Committee (DTAC) and Galen College are working together and have had great success improving digital participation and building the skills of the next generation of innovators.
Download the Case Study (PDF 1.8 MB)

Read the video transcript (Word 13.5 KB)

Crowdfunding for Superfine Idea

A world leader that is not well-known in Australia, this Benalla family’s superfine wool business has innovation in its DNA and has taken the leap to try crowdfunding for their latest product.
Download the Case Study (PDF 1.4 MB)

Read the video transcript (Word 12.6 KB)

Bright Tights Sold Globally

Combining a great idea that has universal application with technology and a lifestyle choice, this young couple decided to relocate to Bright to start their business.
Download the Case Study (PDF 2.3 MB)

Read the video transcript (Word 12.5 KB)

Co-working Unearths a Gem

This Wangaratta co-working space above a former jeweller’s shop has connected a diverse group of people who would usually work in isolation and is delivering benefits for the whole community.
Download the Case Study (PDF 1.4 MB)

Read the video transcript (Word 12.7 KB)

Patient Outcomes Drive Telehealth

Using digital technology to connect patients across North East Victoria to health specialists in other towns and cities is reaping rewards for patients, regional health professionals and the regional economy.
Download the Case Study (PDF 1.5 MB)

Read the video transcript (Word 13.1 KB)

App Keeps People Moving

With 2,000 staff managing more than 200,000 transport movements a day during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, this Wangaratta business is challenging the big players in transport logistics technology.
Download the Case Study (PDF 1.3 MB)

Read the video transcript (Word 13.0 KB)

Video Didn’t Kill These Radio Stars

Using their radio skills and experience, home-based and portable recording studios and dreams of work and family balance in Beechworth, these two voice artists can run their business from anywhere.
Download the Case Study (PDF 2.4 MB)

Read the video transcript (Word 13.5 KB)

Tech Reality Offers Start-up Options

What can Virtual Reality offer a business idea? Participants in a Towong Shire initiative are being inspired by this and other technologies that support their entrepreneurial ideas.
Download the Case Study (PDF 1.5 MB)

Read the video transcript (Word 12.8 KB)

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Making North East Victoria Australia’s top cycling destination

North East Victoria has long been recognised as having the strongest cycle tourism credentials in Victoria and is primed to become Australia’s premier cycling destination.

With over 100,000 overnight visitors coming to the region to participate in cycling each year, the region’s cycling visitation is double the average for regional Victoria.

“Developing cycle tourism is important for the region and a top priority of the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership,” explains Amber Gardner, Tourism North East CEO and Ovens Murray Regional Partnership member.

“Our aim is to create world class cycling experiences that drive significant growth to the local visitor economy," says Amber. "The region has developed a cycle tourism masterplan to drive strategic growth in this sector, with one of the first priority projects identified as part of this process being activation of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail.”

Activation of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail has four key components:

  • A marketing campaign to drive awareness and increase visitation;
  • Extension of the Murray to Mountains trail between Beechworth and Yackandandah to link the two heritage towns;
  • Private sector activation for facilities that support business investment in a range of cycle tourism experiences;
  • Enhancements and attractions along the trails, including artistic, interpretive and architectural installations.

“We were very pleased when the Victorian Government announced a $12 million contribution to this stage of the overall plan in its 2017/18 State Budget.

“Cycling in the North East provides a unique opportunity for locals and visitors to experience our fantastic natural environment and gain health, social and economic benefits through physical activity, community connections, business development and jobs,” says Amber.

As part of this activation, a multi-million dollar Ride High Country marketing campaign will launch in Spring 2018 and work on the extension of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail between Beechworth and Yackandandah will commence in September.

Private activation has been initialised with the appointment of an experienced consultant, specifically charged with sourcing and analysing private sector investment opportunities, as well as sourcing and securing new commercial opportunities associated with both cycle experiences and the broader tourism products to effectively meet growing market demand.

Take a look at our vision for the region here.

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