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The Partnership engages with the Mallee community throughout the year and takes our region’s priorities annually to the Victorian Government, through a meeting with the Rural and Regional Ministerial Committee.

Over time, the Partnership has been able to refine the region’s priorities as it has consulted further.

In some cases, Government has responded to the priorities with funding for specific initiatives at Budget time or through the year.

But not all of our priorities require funding initiatives to get off the ground.

Our Region's Priorities

In 2017, the Partnership, for the first time, published the priorities it took to the Victorian Government.

You can find the Partnership’s 2017 priorities below. 

Theme Regional Partnership Priority
Access to Services Ensure that the needs of rural communities are addressed in emerging policies
Promote collaboration between government, community and business to address cross-border issues
Provide access to funding for priority projects which will enhance community vitality and viability
Improve support for place-based community development models across Government cycles
Prioritise rail infrastructure investments which will improve service frequency and network capacity
Understand demand for sustained and improved public and community transport services, particularly in those areas that are poorly serviced
Foster the right conditions for new, high value job creation in the Mallee by supporting research, development and training geared to the needs of key sectors
Encourage business growth and diversification to strengthen the resilience of the regional economy
Liveability Develop tourism products and a cohesive regional ‘brand identity’ to grow our visitor economy
Improve access to arts and cultural activities and facilities
Enable the region to explore its potential to act as a leader in the development and roll out of renewable energy
Invest in the community infrastructure of the region to support healthy and active lifestyles
Social Fabric
Improve regional and rural childcare services to support balanced life/work choices
Ensure that regional health services and facilities meet community needs
Provide services tailored to meet the needs of Aboriginal communities

Budget Outcomes for our Partnership

One way in which our Partnership priorities can be realised is through the Budget process.

You can read about our 2018/19 Victorian Budget Outcomes below. These outcomes relate to 2017 priorities.

You can read about our previous Budget outcomes here.

Mallee Partnership priorities supported in the Victorian Government Budget 2018/19 include:

  • $1.7 million to establish a Mallee Regional Innovation Centre to drive research, innovation and development in key sectors of renewables, engineering, agriculture, water management and sustainability
  • $0.8 million to establish a Cross Border Commission to help streamline regulatory and licencing requirements, enable further economic growth and reduce barriers to accessing services in Victoria’s border communities
  • $0.6 million to establish Food Next Door, a demonstration farm that will enable newly arrived migrants to collaborate in growing diverse crops using regenerative farming practices
  • $0.5 million to further develop the Murray River Adventure Trail, a multi-sport adventure trail extending along the length of the Murray River
  • $0.3 million to develop a Silo Art Trail across the Mallee through extending and rebranding existing silo-based arts installations.

Download the Mallee Regional Partnership 2018/19 Budget Fact Sheet for more information. (PDF 314.1 KB)

Find out more about the Victorian Budget 2018/19 outcomes for Victoria's regions

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