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Our Partnership has a range of priorities it is championing. Some of these have led to new initiatives in our region.

Read about some of these projects below.

Mallee Regional Skills Demand Profile Pulse Check
Regional Economic Growth Strategies
Improving health outcomes
The Victorian Cross Border Commissioner
Mallee Digital Plan

Mallee Regional Skills Demand Profile Pulse Check

In 2017 the Victorian Skills Commissioner, Mr Neil Coulson published the Mallee Regional Skills Demand Profile (PDF 2.05MB).  This document detailed what skills our region’s employers wanted their workers to have – so was a demand driven analysis.

The report identified that up to 4400 skilled workers were required across the Mallee in the next three years.  But more than this, the report related the skills required to the accredited courses that needed to be provided.

The office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner maintained a presence in the region in the subsequent years and supported Registered Training Organisation (Particularly SuniTAFE) to reorientate their offerings to meet industry needs.

The responsiveness of SunniTAFE to this process was one factor in SunniTAFE receiving the 2019 Australia’s Large Training Provider of the Year award.

Nearly three years since the development of the initial profile and in the midst of one of the most significant economic and social disruptions of our lifetime it was timely to revisit this work to understand how the economy has changed and generate understanding of the implications for the regions workforce and skilling requirements.

In 2020 a refresh of the Mallee Regional Skills Demand Profile was undertaken. Consultants NOUS were appointed to undertake the development of the 2020 report with funding provided by the RDA Loddon Mallee Committee.

The surveying of local businesses was expanded to gain information about higher education needs as well as vocational training and particular effort was made to include information about training needs in the thinner markets in the more remote parts of our region.

The Refresh identified that the Mallee had undergone a period of significant growth since 2017 with $700 million more Value Add and almost 2000 new jobs created despite the region operating at close to full employment.

Growth has been achieved through mobilisation of the local labour force as well as attraction of migrants from overseas into skilled and unskilled roles.

The next three years offers similar potential for growth.  However, without support the region will struggle to meet anticipated industry demand for workers placing future growth at risk.

Mallee Regional Skills Demand Pulse Check - 2020 (PDF 22106.38 KB)PDF icon

Regional Economic Growth Strategies

The Mallee Regional Partnership joined forces with the Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership and RDA Loddon Mallee to undertake a project to update the direction for significant strategic economic development.

The project has been undertaken in stages:

  • Stage One - Consolidated economic analysis presented in Technical Reports
  • Stage Two - Development of Economic Growth Strategies
  • Stage Three – Implementation

Economic Growth Strategies have been completed for the Mallee and Loddon Campaspe and together provide the strategic basis, rationale and direction for investment throughout the Loddon Mallee region.

Implementation is underway through the development of an Investment Prospectus and scoping of transformational large-scale projects aimed at significant private investment.

Mallee Economic Growth Strategy (PDF 8200.42 KB)PDF icon
Mallee Economic Growth Strategy Technical Report (PDF 1781.16 KB)PDF icon
Loddon Campaspe Economic Growth Strategy Technical Report (PDF 2069.95 KB)PDF icon
Loddon Campaspe Economic Growth Strategy (PDF 5363.58 KB)PDF icon

Improving health outcomes

Community feedback to the Mallee Regional Partnership (MRP) continues to identify inadequate primary health care, including access to General Practitioners (GPs), as a critical and enduring concern for Mallee residents.  Statistics support feedback that the consequence is poorer health, social and economic outcomes for Mallee communities than those of other Victorian regions.

To further the business case for change, the MRP undertook an investigation in 2019 into the barriers and opportunities for improved access to primary health care in the Mallee.  The “Delivering a Healthy Mallee: Investigation of Models to deliver primary health services in the Mallee” report includes alternative models of primary health care that could be introduced and/or reconfigured from current models, such as:

  • Evolving the traditional GP business model and funding stream for integrated, team-led, patient-centred care;
  • Health Professionals Working to their full Scope of Practice / and to an Increased Scope of Practice;
  • Increasing use of Third Tier Staff (most notably Allied Health Assistants)
  • Increased Self-Determination
  • Increased Networking and Partnership
  • Many safe eyes models (small rural communities)
  • Health Literacy
  • E-Health (or Telehealth)

The Victorian Cross Border Commissioner: a Partnership priority realised

At both our 2016 and 2017 Assemblies, the Mallee community told the Partnership about the difficulties of living in a border area.

We heard about the need for a Cross Border Commissioner to further the interests of businesses, organisations and individuals who live, work and operate across Victoria’s border communities.

“We listened to communities’ stories of the difficulties in living and working in a cross border area,” explains Win Scott, Chair of the Mallee Regional Partnership. “Then we took this priority to the Victorian Government.”

“We were thrilled that the Government listened to the Mallee and committed $800,000 in the 2018/19 State Budget to establish the Cross Border Commission.”

The inaugural Cross Border Commissioner commenced in October 2018. The Commissioner has been actively promoting the interests of Victorian border communities, working to resolve issues, remove barriers and find solutions to maximise growth and productivity.

More information about the Victorian Cross Border Commissioner.

Mallee Digital Plan

The Mallee Regional Partnership Digital Plan is an evidence-based, place-based analysis of the supply of and demand for digital services and skills in the region.

The Plan identifies gaps in the region’s current digital infrastructure and makes recommendations on how these gaps can be addressed.

Mallee Digital Plan - summary brochure (PDF 603.08 KB)PDF icon
Mallee Digital Plan - summary brochure (PPTX 10205.39 KB)PPTX icon
Mallee Digital Plan (PDF 6093.15 KB)PDF icon
Mallee Digital Plan (DOCX 23434.03 KB)DOCX icon

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