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Barwon Regional Partnership endorses the G21 Region Plan 2050

March 2024

The Barwon Regional Partnership has endorsed the G21 Region Plan 2050 and will seek to align Partnership priorities with the plan.

Aligning Partnership priorities with the aspirations of the Region Plan 2050, maximises our voice as a region. By working together, we are advocating from a common position to achieve a common goal: ensuring good growth for our region.

Barwon is the fastest growing region of Victoria. People are moving here to enjoy the lifestyle, environment, employment, culture, beaches, rural areas and to be a part of Victoria’s second largest city – Geelong.

Investing in good growth is critical to ensure that what attracts people to our region is not diminished or damaged by rapid growth but leverages our strengths to enhance these benefits sustainably. Investing in good growth so that the benefits are experienced by all.

The Barwon Regional Partnership will work to ensure the region’s good growth priorities, including the Region Plan 2050, are considered as part of the state-wide work being progressed to develop a new plan for Victoria.

For the first time, a First Nations Lens has been included in the Region Plan and sits across all G21 programs. The G21 First Nations Pillar will develop a program of work for the Region Plan that will be pivotal in driving change in our region, home to the largest Victorian population of First Nations peoples.

The Partnership is committed to being a part of the healing, education and truth telling. By walking together with First Nations people and G21, we can support First Nations people and work with the Victorian Government to move forward with its commitment to Treaty, Truth and Justice for Aboriginal Victorians and First Nations people.