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Gippsland Regional Partnership welcomes the Victorian Budget 2018/19


Gippsland Regional Partnership Chair, Maree McPherson, has welcomed the Victorian Government's 2018/19 Budget which brought support for a number of the Partnership's key priorities. 

These include support for Federation Training to establish new facilities in Morwell and Sale and the establishment of a Food and Fibre Taskforce to progress the Agribusiness sector in the region.

Partnership priorities supported in the 2018/19 Budget:

  • $115 million to expand the Wonthaggi Hospital Emergency Department
  • Funding for a new educational, community and industry hub at the Federation Training campus in Sale and funding to develop the Federation Training campus in Morwell
  • $0.7 million to establish a food and fibre taskforce to drive the development of the Gippsland Agriculture Agenda in the food and fibre sectors.
  • $8 million to build and upgrade schools across Gippsland.

The Gippsland Regional Partnership - one of nine across the state - was established by the Victorian Government in 2016 recognising that local communities are in the best position to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by their region.

Over the past two years, the Partnership has held two Regional Assemblies and consulted widely with the community, taking the voice of Gippsland residents directly to the Victorian Government.

"I am delighted with the Budget and the focus on supporting positive education and health outcomes in our region. I am aware that the Victorian Government have been putting a lot of effort into creating new jobs and investment in Gippsland, with over 600 new jobs created in the last 18 months,” Ms McPherson said.

“The Budget outcomes will support the training and development of Gippslanders into these and other new roles of the future.”

She adds that the Partnership has been effective in bringing government together in the region, in getting people talking and in addressing issues that matter to the people of Gippsland.

Over the past two years the Gippsland Regional Partnership, along with its partners; Committee for Gippsland, Regional Development Australia Gippsland and the Gippsland Local Government Network have helped secure investment towards the Gippsland rail line and spearheading the development of a Gippsland Destination Management plan.

It has also helped to boost digital connectivity through the development of a local plan tailored to our region’s needs.

Gippsland residents will have another chance to help shape their region's future at the 2018 Gippsland Regional Assembly which will be held in Wonthaggi on Thursday 28 June. 

Other significant 2018/19 Budget investments in the Gippsland region:

  • upgrade schools across Gippsland, including:
    • $6 million for Stage 1 of the Traralgon Education Regeneration Project to deliver modern infrastructure for Latrobe Special Developmental School and Traralgon College
    • $0.9 million for Orbost Secondary College to upgrade and modernise facilities
    • $0.5 million for Tarwin Valley Primary School to upgrade and modernise facilities
    • $0.4 million for Boisdale Consolidated School to upgrade and modernise facilities
    • $0.1 million for Orbost North Primary School to upgrade and modernise facilities
    • $0.1 million for Kongwak Primary School to upgrade and modernise facilities
  • $5.5 million for the Latrobe Valley Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner to provide independent advice on mine rehabilitation and planning in the Latrobe Valley and help develop the Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy. Funding includes a strategic review of coal resource zones and overlays
    • Funding for the Gippsland Tech School in Morwell
    • Funding for a 30-bed alcohol and other drug residential rehabilitation service in Gippsland
    • Funding for Phillip Island Road/Back Beach Road intersection upgrades
    • Funding for the Moe and District Netball Association for a new netball precinct at Monash Reserve
    • Funding for the Drouin Netball Centre to upgrade facilities.
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