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The 2018 Goulburn Regional Assembly in summary by Chair David McKenzie


The 2018 Goulburn Regional Assembly, held in Shepparton on 18 July, was the Partnership’s third major opportunity to consult with our community.

In addition to local residents, businesses and organisation representatives, the Assembly was attended by four Victorian Government Ministers: Minister for Regional Development and Agriculture, Attorney-General, Minister for Public Transport and Major Projects, and Minister for Trade and Investment, Innovation and the Digital Economy, and Small Business. In total, there were 225 in the room, of whom around 195 were community members.

The Assembly provided the Goulburn Regional Partnership an opportunity to reflect on some of its achievements over the past two years, with a highlights video shown.

Table discussions on the night included:

  • Addressing developmental vulnerability in children
  • Breaking down barriers to education
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Improving digital connectivity
  • Public transport
  • Reducing social isolation and improving mental health
  • Reducing stubborn unemployment
  • Supporting young people to be happy and healthy
  • Tackling crime and substance abuse.

Some of the emerging ideas that were heard included:

  • Upgrading the region’s Patient Administration System in hospitals
  • Improving quality of and access to tele-health and e-education
  • Developing new and supporting existing community transport solutions to enable access to health, education and community services
  • Implementing the learnings of programs like the greater Shepparton Lighthouse project in other areas of the region
  • Improving the careers experience in schools
  • Addressing intergenerational disadvantage and its affects
  • Taking action to improve the mental health of the region, particularly vulnerable groups such as young people and farmers.

Next Steps

As a Partnership, our role is now to take the messages and ideas from our 2018 Assembly, and from our wider consultation, and action them. We recently presented on our 2018 Priorities to the Rural and Regional Ministerial Committee.

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