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Mallee Regional Partnership welcomes the Victorian Budget 2018/19


Mallee Regional Partnership Chair Win Scott today welcomed the Victorian Government’s 2018/19 Budget which brought support for a number of the Partnership’s key priorities including the Cross Border Commissioner and the Mallee Regional Innovation Centre.

The budget included $0.8 million to establish the Cross Border Commissioner and $1.7 million to establish the Mallee Regional Innovation Centre to be based in Mildura. The Budget also included a number of smaller Partnership Priorities, such as $0.3 million for the Silo Art Trail, $0.6 million to expand the Food Next Door farm program for newly arrived migrants, and $0.5 million to continue developing the Murray River Adventure Trail.

There was also $941 million for better regional roads across the State and $50 million to boost regional health services in response to the changing needs of local communities. These initiatives will benefit all living and working in the Mallee region.

The Mallee Regional Partnership – one of nine across the state – was established by the Victorian Government in 2016 recognising that local communities are in the best position to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by their region.

Over the past two years, the Partnership has held two Regional Assemblies, and consulted widely with the community, taking the voice of Mallee residents directly to the Victorian Government.

“I am pleased with the outcomes of the budget. It means the State Government is not only listening, but also delivering," Ms Scott said.

But, she added, the Partnership was about more than securing budget outcomes.

“Rather it is about transforming the way the region’s communities work with governments, and each other on an ongoing basis, to realise a shared vision for a stronger Mallee,” she said.

Ms Scott said the Partnership had been effective in bringing different levels of government together in the region, in getting people talking, and in addressing issues that mattered to the people of the Mallee region.

“The Partnership model genuinely gives voice to the communities’ priorities,” she said.

Among the Partnership’s achievements over the past two years are working with the Victorian Skills Commissioner and the first Regional Skills Taskforce to produce a report on skills demands in the region, and securing funds to support tourism infrastructure at Lake Tyrell.

Mallee residents will get a further chance to help shape their region’s future at the 2018 Mallee Regional Assembly which will be held in Kerang on Thursday 31 May.

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