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Table and chart

Create and export a custom table and chart for your chosen indicators and geography.

This feature provides access to the entire database. The Comparative tab allows you to produce charts for a sub-topic for a single chosen time-period. The Series tab allows you to produce a chart for multiple time-periods.

Descriptions of regions can be found in more information. Note that Local Government Area is the smallest geographic unit. You can select Local Government Areas, Regions such as 'Hume' or 'Loddon', or other regional groupings such as 'Regional Cities', 'Rural Victoria' or 'Melbourne Peri-urban'.

Regional Economic Development Strategies (REDS)

For more regional data and analysis check out the Regional Economic Development Strategies (REDS), and their supporting analysis. There are also nine interactive data dashboards, one for each Regional Partnership which can all be accessed at the Regional Economic Development Strategies (REDS) webpage.

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3. Select Data

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Last Updated: 09 November 2022

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