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Our Region and Our Partnership

The Ovens Murray Regional Partnership is one of nine Partnerships across the state, established by the Victorian Government, recognising that local communities are in the best position to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by their region.

Bordering the Murray River to the north and having unique access to Victoria's High Country, the Ovens Murray region is best known for its lifestyle advantages and thriving tourism sector based on cycling, snow, nature-based tourism, food, wine, craft beer and cultural heritage. The region is also strategically located on national freight and transport routes servicing Australia’s east coast and has a number of strong manufacturing and service centres.

Our region includes:


Map of regional Victoria highlighting the partnership regions and Ovens Murray

Since our establishment in 2016, the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership has been active consulting and engaging with thousands of people living and working in our community, including through annual Regional Assemblies.

As a result of our consultations and what we hear, we present annually on our region’s priorities to the Victorian Government’s Rural and Regional Ministerial Committee and have had a number of these priorities supported by Government in successive Budgets.

As a result, we have seen a number of Partnership-championed projects get off the ground.

However, the Partnership is about more than winning funding at Budget time.

We have been active in bringing different groups and different levels and parts of Government together in our region, in getting people talking and listening, and in providing Governments with insight into how we can better design policy so it fits the needs and expectations of our communities.

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